Is the PC Desktop Dead?

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stencil.defaultWe have arrived in the future of computing. With all the technological innovations come the rise of highly-portable computing devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. And with these advancements, most of us are asking, are PC desktops a thing of the past? Well for starters, some people have already declared that the era of desktop computers is done. This conviction is due to the increase in mobile computing, particularly the surge of use of tablets and smartphones. Desktop computer sales on the other hand have remained stagnant. Does this mean that computer companies may soon stop its manufacturing altogether?

Here are the facts:

  • Most people in North American that used to want to have a computer already own one or several in their homes.
  • The development of enhancements and technologies for desktop computers have slowed down in the last few years
  • Portable devices such as smartphones and tablets are powerful enough to satisfy the basic needs of users such as creation of emails and web browsing
  • Internet access can be found almost everywhere
  • Laptops are now affordable and are powered by components similar to those found in desktop computers

Tablet Technology Reduced Popularity and Utility of Desktops

stencil.default (1)The emergence of tablet PCs has made it difficult for desktop to maintain its importance yet again. In addition, Microsoft unfortunately miscalculated when it attempted to capture the emerging potable device market and ignored its traditional client base or those who typically used keyboard and mouse.

  • Microsoft 8 was a mess. The company failed to realize that not all of their users own touchscreen devices like tablets.
  • The touch desktop only launched by default. It was an instant annoyance, especially among those who were pretty much contented and comfortable with using traditional desktop computers.
  • Long-time users of Windows were forced to abandon all they learn about how to operate their computer since Windows 3.1 version.

The Rise of Portable Devices

stencil.default (3)The rise in popularity of portable devices that started a few years ago is a threat to the survival of desktop computers. So how exactly do portable devices factor in the future of desktop PCs?

Tablets and smartphones have successfully emerged as more portable alternative equipment for information and entertainment. Its market penetration is at its peak and is not showing signs of stopping.

stencil.default (4)The cost of tablets and smartphones are going down, due to the fact that companies are constantly releasing new models, making everything portable more affordable. If this growth in both technology and manufacturing continue, it may only take a few years for desktop PC to become oblivious altogether.